The Philippine Conference on Research in CSR is the flagship event of the Benita & Catalino Yap Foundation – an organization under the Saint Mutien College (of the SACT College System) in Pampanga that advocates nation-building through personal social responsibility and social entrepreneurship.

The Conference aims to highlight the importance of research in CSR for not-for-profit, local government, corporations and social enterprises who wish to have CSR projects with higher chances for long-term sustainability compared to those based on anecdotal evidence. It is the Foundation’s hope that with this approach, Philippine CSR will take even more of a central role as ASEAN integration commences. Through its Chairman Mr. Antonio “Tony” S. Yap, BCYF designed the conference as a two-step process: a five-year introduction to CSR 3.0 or personal social responsibility grounded on the values of citizenship, sustainability and social responsibility and thereafter a second stage, anchored on the sharing of research in CSR by higher educational institutions throughout the ASEAN region. Such a concept was the fruit of research, roundtable discussions and meetings with key experts in CSR, Business and Social Development.

This 7th Conference to be held on August 21, 2017, will focus on showcasing research methodologies used by various schools, colleges and universities in the Philippines, to conduct CSR research.

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