CSR Survey for Schools

The Benita & Catalino Yap Foundation (established in 1993) aims to develop the Philippines, especially the youth, through innovative social solutions based on CSR 3.0 (citizenship, sustainability and social responsibility) and social entrepreneurship.
In the early 2000’s, during the meeting with Dr. Lilia Sison, Dean of the UST Graduate School and the Roundtables with the various sectors involved or interested in CSR, eg. DLSU, UA&P, The Fair Trade Movement, AIM, LCF and UST, Mr. Tony Yap, Chairman of BCYF realized three aspects of CSR in the Philippines that he felt needed to be addressed further:

(1) Research,
(2) Youth CSR,
(3) Integration of CSR in Business, whether as part of the cost of doing business or as an after tax activity—whether through a fixed financial commitment or through personal and monetary commitments made yearly.

Hence the formation for the BCYF Conferences on Research in CSR – a 5-year, 5-part introduction to CSR from historical and traditional understanding (CSR 1.0), to transformative CSR in organizations (CSR 2.0), and will culminate in the concept of personal social responsibility (CSR 3.0), which brings the principles of CSR to the level of the individual. Subsequent conferences beginning 2016 will focus mainly on more research into CSR, which will be used as teaching materials or schools, colleges and universities.

This survey which started in 2015 aims to be a continuing tool to assess how CSR is perceived / understood and practiced in various schools, colleges and universities in the Philippines.

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